20th Anniversary Celebration

HORIZON CENTRAL 20th Anniversary copy

Join us in celebrating our 20th anniversary of being a church!

Sunday, April 15 between 5pm-7pm we will have a special service to recount the Lord’s faithfulness towards us at Horizon Central over the last 20 years.

We will have a small reception after the service.


Resurrection Sunday 2018

39 Books: Jonah – A Prophecy for the Prophet

Central Reflections

39 Bks Torah Scroll WhiteJonah – A Prophecy for the Prophet

Jonah is sent with a message to Nineveh, the city of the Assyria.  God works on Jonah as well as the Assyrians.

32 Jonah.pdf                 32 Jonah.mp3

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39 Books: Obadiah – Message to Edom

Central Reflections

39 Bks Torah Scroll WhiteObadiah – Message to Edom

Jacob and Esau were twins but they were rivals.  That sibling rivalry turned into ethnic tensions that lasted for centuries after that.

31 Obadiah.pdf           31 Obadiah.mp3

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39 Books: Amos – An Outsider’s Message

Central Reflections

39 Bks Torah Scroll WhiteAmos – An Outsider’s Message

God called Amos from his flocks and fig farming.to in the south to give an uncomfortable message to the northern kingdom of Israel.

30 Amos.mp3  (Kenny Washington)

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