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66 Books: Jonah. Sunday: Acts 10

Our Wednesday book-a-week study called 66 Books focused on Book 32 of the Bible, the Book of Jonah.  Here are the notes:  32_Jonah.pdf

This Sunday we’ll be in Acts 10, which gives us the story of Peter and Cornelius.  This chapter explains how people from other nations began to believe in Jesus and enter what had been a Jewish church.  The notes and audio can be found on the Notes & mp3s page.

Acts 4

After the healing of the lame man in Chapter 3, the priests, Sadducees and the ruling council take Peter and John into custody.  There Peter confronts them with the truth about Jesus Christ, while the council tries to silence the apostles.  When released they return to the other believers and the church begins to pray.

The notes can be found on the Notes & mp3s page.

Acts 3

Today we’ll see the first miracle performed by Peter – the healing of a beggar who never walked and was now over 40 years old.  When a crowd gathers as a result Peter will attribute the miracle not to himself – but to faith in the risen Jesus Christ.  Peter will explain various ways in which Jesus fulfills Jewish messianic prophecy and then call the crowd to repentance.

The notes and audio can be accessed on the Notes & mp3s page.

John 21

This week we’ll finish the Gospel of John by looking at John 21.  It starts with Peter taking some other disciples fishing.  That leads to another appearance of the risen Christ, who questions Peter about his love and recommissions him into His service.  It ends with a question by Peter comparing his own promised martyrdom with the life of John.

The notes and audio can be found on the Notes & mp3s page.