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Romans 2

There are at least two ways to rebel against God.  The first is by defying Him with flagrant, obvious sin.  We looked at this in Romans 1.  Another way to rebel against God is through self-righteousness.  We might call this the moralist’s way to rebel.  Neither the obvious sinner nor the self-righteous moralist passes the test of holiness in God’s eyes.  This is the message of Romans 2.

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Sunday 3/22: Acts 28

As the book of Acts comes to a close, we see Paul the Apostle arriving in Rome and carrying out an effective ministry there – while chained to a Roman soldier. The point is this: Jesus said his followers would receive power to be His witnesses. He didn’t say that would always be easy.

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Acts 5

Chapter 5 begins with the sobering story of Ananias and Sapphira, a couple that the Lord struck dead for their hypocrisy.  Ever wonder what it would be like if that happened more often?  We’ll then see God working wonders through the apostles.   That is followed by a confrontation between the apostles and the Sanhedrin led by the high priest, in the midst of which the twelve are released from prison by an angel.  The chapter ends with the apostles continuing to teach and preach Jesus Christ.

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Acts 1

This week we begin the Book of Acts.  The notes and audio for Chapter 1 can be found on the Notes & mp3s page.  Here’s a brief outline of the chapter.

I.    1:1-3       Introduction: Christ’s Resurrection
II.   1:4-8       The Promise of the Holy Spirit
III.  1:9-11     Christ’s Ascension
IV.  1:12-14   Waiting for the Promise
V.   1:15-26   The Selection of Matthias

John 21

This week we’ll finish the Gospel of John by looking at John 21.  It starts with Peter taking some other disciples fishing.  That leads to another appearance of the risen Christ, who questions Peter about his love and recommissions him into His service.  It ends with a question by Peter comparing his own promised martyrdom with the life of John.

The notes and audio can be found on the Notes & mp3s page.