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Sunday Morning 11/23: Acts 15 Part 3

This ends our three-part sereis on Acts 15.  In the first part we looked at legalism; in the second we dealt with idolatry.  In this section we’ll talk about sexual immorality – something the early church felt a need to specifically address.

The notes and audio will appear on the Notes & mp3s page as soon as they are ready.

Sunday Morning 11/16: Acts 15 Part 2

Last week we looked at the decision of the Jerusalem council, which determined that the non-Jews who were now coming into the church didn’t have to become Jews in order to become Christians.  This was a very important decision and essentially ruled out all forms of legalism or works-based  merit before God.  We examined legalism and the difference between that and a biblical faith which leads to good works.

This week we will look at idolatry – one of the things the council wanted to emphasize to the Gentiles as prohibited.  They rightly assumed that non-Jews would need to learn that the God of the Bible is not to be worshiped with idols.

The notes and audio can be found on the Notes & mp3s page.