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Sunday Morning 12/21: Christmas and John 1:1-18

This week we’ll look at the beginning of the Gospel of John examining the incarnation.  What did it mean for the Word to become flesh?  What was it like to behold His glory?  These and other ideas will help us to get a better grasp of Jesus.

Check out the Notes & mp3s page for notes and audio.

John 21

This week we’ll finish the Gospel of John by looking at John 21.  It starts with Peter taking some other disciples fishing.  That leads to another appearance of the risen Christ, who questions Peter about his love and recommissions him into His service.  It ends with a question by Peter comparing his own promised martyrdom with the life of John.

The notes and audio can be found on the Notes & mp3s page.

John 20

This week we are in John 20.  Here’s a quick outline of the chapter:

I.      20:1-10      Mary Magdalene, Peter and John Go to the Tomb
II.     20:11-18    Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene
III.    20:19-23    Jesus Appears to the Disciples with Thomas Absent
IV.    20:24-29    Jesus Appears to the Disciples with Thomas Present
V.     20:30-31    John’s Purpose in Writing This Book

You can find the notes on the notes and mp3s page.

John 19

Today we’ll read about Christ’s final trial under Pilate, His scourging, cruxifixion, death and burial.

The notes and audio are on the Notes & mp3s page.

John 18

This week we’ll read about Jesus’ betrayal and arrest.  We’ll then see Him before Annas and Caiaphas the corrupt high priests (so corrupt, in fact, that the Talmud pronounces a curse against Annas and his family).  In the midst of those “trials” Peter will deny Christ three times.  Finally we’ll see Jesus before Pilate.  In each of these cases, it’s the judge who is actually on trial.  Eventually, we’ll all have to stand in judgment before Jesus.

The notes and audio can be found on the Notes & mp3s page.