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Sunday Morning 11/30: Acts 15:35 – 16:5

This week we transition into Paul’s second missionary trip.  It starts with a brief controversy with Barnabas over the need to bring along John Mark.  It ends with the ministry multiplied as Mark and Barnabas go one way while Paul and Silas go another.  Timothy is then shortly added to the team.  We’ll close with a few principles for multiplying ministry.

The notes are accessible on the Notes & mp3s page.  The audio will be there as soon as it is ready.

Sunday Morning 11/2 Acts 14

This week we’ll look at the completion of the first missionary trip carried out by Paul and Barnabas as they move through the Roman province of Galatia and eventually back to Antioch where they began their trip.

Check out the Notes & mp3s page for more.

Sunday 10/26: Acts 13

Today we start by looking at what is in many ways a model church, the church in Antioch.  They are an international group, committed to prayer and fasting, and became the first church to deliberately send out missionaries.  Those missionaries were Barnabas & Saul, later called Paul the Apostle.  We’ll also look at the first part of their first missionary journey.  Check out the Notes & mp3s page to study along with us.