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Sunday 3/22: Acts 28

As the book of Acts comes to a close, we see Paul the Apostle arriving in Rome and carrying out an effective ministry there – while chained to a Roman soldier. The point is this: Jesus said his followers would receive power to be His witnesses. He didn’t say that would always be easy.

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Wednesday Evening 3/18: KIDS Church & 66 Books

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KIDS Inc’s KIDS Church happens in the gym Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm.  We have fun and games, kids’ worship and a Bible lesson.  KIDS Church is aimed at kids at the elementary school level.  

At the same time we’ll also have worship, teaching, fellowship, communion and prayer upstairs at 66 Books in Horizon Hall. The study is a book-by-book Bible survey, taking a look at a new book each week.

KIDS Church and 66 Books are synchronized to the same book.  This week we’ll look at Book 53: 2 Thessalonians.  You can view the notes for 66 Books here below:

53_2 Thessalonians.pdf

Sunday 3/15: Acts 27

No one can accuse Paul of having it too easy. At this point in his ministry he’s a prisoner of the Roman government and about to board a ship to take him to Rome to face trial. Not long into the voyage a storm will come upon them. By the end of the chapter the ship will be destroyed.   Compare this to storms and shipwrecks in your own life.

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Sunday 3/8: Acts 25-26

Any time that any person is confronted with the truth about Jesus, it demands a personal response. Two of the most common are to respond very negatively or try to avoid a response altogether. This section of the book of Acts allows us to closely examine these common responses to the gospel.

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Sunday 3/1: Acts 24

When people discuss the gospel publicly, a lot of opinions get thrown around.  Some are intellectual, some emotional.  These next chapters give us a grid by which we can analyze varius responses to Jesus.  The important point is that the gospel demands a personal response.

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