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Sunday 5/17: Romans 4

Today’s chapter answers the question of whether a New Testament faith in Christ agrees with the teaching of the Old Testament.  Does the Hebrew Bible teach a righteousness based on works, rituals and law or a righteousness based on faith?  Paul looks at the life of Abraham to show us that the two Testaments totally agree.

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Romans 2

There are at least two ways to rebel against God.  The first is by defying Him with flagrant, obvious sin.  We looked at this in Romans 1.  Another way to rebel against God is through self-righteousness.  We might call this the moralist’s way to rebel.  Neither the obvious sinner nor the self-righteous moralist passes the test of holiness in God’s eyes.  This is the message of Romans 2.

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Wednesday Evening 4/8: 66 Books and KIDS Church

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KIDS Inc’s KIDS Church happens in the gym Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm.  We have fun and games, kids’ worship and a Bible lesson.  KIDS Church is aimed at kids at the elementary school level.  

At the same time we’ll also have worship, teaching, fellowship, communion and prayer upstairs at 66 Books in Horizon Hall. The study is a book-by-book Bible survey, taking a look at a new book each week.

KIDS Church and 66 Books are synchronized to the same book.  This week we’ll look at Book 56: Titus.  You can view the notes for 66 Books here below:

56 Titus.pdf

(As it turned out we also did Book 57: Philemon, on this night as well. 
No notes for that one.)

Sunday 4/5: Romans 1:16-32

In the Book of Romans, the Apostle Paul gives us the gospel from God’s perspective.   This is the good news of God’s grace, but before explaining to us God’s grace, he must explain God’s wrath.  This section describes the downward spiral of degradation in a society.

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Sunday 3/29: Romans 1:1-17

The gospel is frequently misunderstood.  For that matter God is severely misunderstood.  Therefore, seeing the need to explain Himself to a lost, needy and confused human race, God enlisted the Apostle Paul to clarify His position.  The Book of Romans is that explanation.  In this message we look at the introduction to the book.

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