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39 Books: 2 Samuel – The Reign of David

Central Reflections

39 Bks Torah Scroll White2 Samuel: The Reign of David

This book highlights the reign of Israel’s greatest, yet very human, king.

10 2 Samuel.pdf

10 2 Samuel.mp3

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Church Announcements 9/24/17

Here are this week’s church announcements!

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39 Books: Joshua – Taking the Land

Central Reflections

39 Bks Torah Scroll WhiteJoshua: Taking the Land

Moses brought the people to the edge of Canaan.  Joshua brought them into the land.

06 Joshua.pdf
                   06 Joshua.mp3

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Thank you to those who bought items from a wishlist recently and in the past. We greatly appreciate the kindness showed to us!

We are looking to acquire new IT network equipment to improve our church network security for our various ministries. Would you consider purchasing this last item from our Amazon Wishlist?

Horizon Central Amazon Wishlist

For questions, please contact Jesse Medlong.

Thank you!

39 Books: Deuteronomy – Terms of the Covenant

Central Reflections

39 Bks Torah Scroll WhiteDeuteronomy: Terms of the Covenant

These final sermons of Moses bring the Torah to a close.

05 Deuteronomy.pdf               05 Deuteronomy.mp3

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