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Post-Abortion Online Bible Study

forgiven and set freeForgiven and Set Free – A Post-Abortion Bible Study for women, guides suffering and hurting women to bring their emotional scars from abortion, “out of the dark past and into his holy light,” where true and lasting healing can take place. Appropriate Scriptures help women deal with issues such as relief, denial, anger, forgiveness, depression, letting go, and acceptance.

This online Bible study is from January 15 – April 2, on Mondays from 6pm – 8pm. You must sign up at
From this link you can read Nicki Cornett’s testimony of having an abortion and then healing from it.

Care Net, a national pregnancy center, recently published the statistics on abortion for women in the church. It is estimated that 4 out 10 women in the church have experienced at least one abortion. Forgiven and Set Free Online Bible study is a confidential and anonymous setting for women in the church to experience hope and healing after experiencing an abortion.


39 Books: Ezra & Nehemiah

Central Reflections

39 Bks Torah Scroll WhiteEzra & Nehemiah

These two leaders are instrumental in motivating the Jewish people who return and rebuild after their exile.

15 Ezra.pdf                  15 Ezra.mp3

16 Nehemiah.pdf           16 Nehemiah.mp3

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39 Books: 1 & 2 Chronicles

Central Reflections

39 Bks Torah Scroll White1 & 2 Chronicles

Kenny Washington and Dave Kosobucki take us through 1 & 2 Chronicles respectively.

13 1 Chronicles.mp3  (Kenny Washington)

14 2 Chronicles.pdf        14 2 Chronicles.mp3      (Dave Kosobucki)

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39 Books: 1 & 2 Kings

Central Reflections

39 Bks Torah Scroll White1 & 2 Kings

Jake Medlong and Dan Kane take us through 1 & 2 Kings respectively.

11 1 Kings.mp3  (Jake Medlong)

12 2 Kings.pdf             12 2 Kings.mp3  (Dan Kane)

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Church Announcements 9/24/17

Here are this week’s church announcements!

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