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A Shared Origin: The Story of Creation – Genesis 1-2

Central Reflections

Unity, Diversity and Our Identity in ChristdiversityPart 1 of 14

The Bible’s creation story reminds us that we are all connected.

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Fellow Workers for the Truth – 3 John

Central Reflections

Apostle JohnFellow Workers for the Truth     3 John

When we partner with those who work for the gospel we become fellow workers for the truth.

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Loving in Truth – 2 John

Central Reflections

Apostle JohnLoving in Truth     2 John

Truth without love is brutal; it can be simply callous or cruel.  Love without truth is deceptive; it nurtures a sentimental fantasy world. 

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(Eternal) Life – 1 John 5

Central Reflections

Apostle John(Eternal) Life     1 John 5

The Christian life gives us more than one thing that needs our attention. They are all related and none can be ignored.

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Truth and Love – 1 John 4

Central Reflections

Apostle JohnTruth and Love     1 John 4

Jesus is the standard for both truth and love.  Our devotion to both are a measure of our devotion to him.

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