Make Disciples. Week 3: Prayer

Central Reflections

make-disciplesThis evening we will be gathering again for Week 3 of 12 in our “Make Disciples.” series. This one is on Prayer.   

Below you will find links to an overview of the full 12 weeks and for the third area on the map, Embracing God’s Story: Prayer.


Week 3

During the 12 weeks, we are addressing areas on a comprehensive discipleship map.  After discussing each area, we will try to establish Milestones that would provide evidence of personal spiritual growth – markers that we work toward.  I’ll leave you with a prayer I composed a while back and which I keep at the top of my own prayer list document. 

Father, please use our nothingness to do something for your glory.  Despite our insignificance, do something truly significant.  Use our weakness to show that you are strong.  Use our limitations to show that nothing is too difficult for you.  Bypass our inadequate…

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I love Jesus and want to love Him more. I live in The Indy Land and serve the Lord at Horizon Central.

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